Mezzanine Floors

Whether you need something simple and practical or elegant and decorative,
the right choice is Kiwi Design


WHAT are the Overall Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor?

- Allows expansion of a sales area without relocating to a new/different unit
- Provides a low cost alternative to modular accommodation
- Overcomes challenges of relocation to alternative off-site offices
- Reduces overheads compared with separate locations
- Avoids relocation costs
- Adds value to your current premises
- Improve the facilities within your current workplace
- Provides useful additional storage space and/or working space


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A mezzanine floor is a cost-effective solution to unlock the potential of your existing building
— Matt Dixon

Our comprehensive service includes

- Free site visit and consultation
- Detailed site survey by a qualified Project Manager
- Advice to enable you to get the most benefit from your decisions
- Detailed structural drawings and calculations
- Building Regulations applications submitted on your behalf
- Installations carried out to the highest level by our accredited installation team

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Office Mezzanine Floors

It is important that your company’s image is reflected in the design of your mezzanine floor.  We will give you the opportunity to select the most suitable handrails, staircase and decking options to impress your clients and staff.

Our floor design will allow for complete integration in the office environment and will not compromise a modern open plan layout.


warehouse mezzanine floors

Warehouses often have very high ceilings, enabling you to increase your warehouse storage capacity with single or multi-level mezzanine floors. 

Our durable, structural steel mezzanines are capable of holding heavy loads, such as shelving, racking and pallet trucks. Goods lifts, conveyors, pallet gates and chutes can be incorporated into our floors for easier replenishment of stock whilst allowing a more streamlined system for the picking and dispatching of customer orders.


retail mezzanine floors

The addition of a mezzanine floor is ideal for improving your customers’ retail experience. You can practically double the amount of retail space available to showcase your products to your customers, giving you the chance to increase profits, as well as offer a wider choice of products.

Adding a mezzanine floor to retail premises can make your store bigger and more impressive, creating a great first impression by allowing customers to see your key products all around them, the moment they enter the store.