Proven experience within the educational sector

Bournemouth University


For over 20 years, Kiwi Design have carried out many renovation and expansion projects at both University campuses. Projects have included converting the main library building into a ‘state of the art’ educational and technology facility, conversion of the Thomas Hardy Restaurant and other projects within Poole House, Faber House and Lansdowne House

Project duration has varied from 2 to 12 weeks, with project values ranging from a few thousand pounds up to hundreds of thousands, TOTALING up to millions of pounds of work over  3 decades.  We are proud to be part of the University’s ongoing development work

Conversion of rooms into new electronics lab

electronics labs

In 2017, we reconfigured existing rooms into two new Electronics labs with an Electronics Design lab next door, with Air Conditioning, Ventilation and specialist benches.

Refurbished lecture theatre for Bournemouth University

refurbished lecture theatre

Another project for Bournemouth University was to refurbish the Stevenson and Lawrence lecture theatres, creating bright and comfortable work spaces.

Refurbishment of main Bournemouth University library

full refurbishment of the main library

One of the largest projects we have completed for Bournemouth University recently; the reconfiguration of the central library, partitioning off sections for offices and study areas. 

Kiwi Design... have
proved to be an efficient, reliable and helpful team of professionals and have provided a service that the university can count on.
— Gerry Frith, Maintenance Manager