A Guide on implementing corporate identity changes in car showrooms

Corporate Identity for Franchise Dealers

With more and more car buyers browsing potential vehicles online, there is increasing pressure on dealers to create an inviting showroom atmosphere to enhance the appeal potential customers. The new car market is also growing, so improving the sales environment is often part of the growth strategy, by providing a great customer experience, as recently announced by Mitsubishi. Often franchise dealers are presented with dealer re-branding and/or new corporate guidelines from the manufacturer, placing the responsibility of meeting these new guidelines on the dealership itself.

As a Franchise Dealer, once these new corporate identity guideline decisions have been provided, what are the next steps? How much would this upgraded showroom cost? How long will the refurbishment take? How much will this disrupt the day-to-day running of the business?

Created by Kiwi Design’s dedicated Car Showrooms team, this article aims to help guide franchise dealers through the potentially daunting processes of implementing the latest corporate design demands in their showroom.

New corporate guidelines, what are they?

Once you have received the instruction from your franchise, you should also receive a drawing of the showroom, usually created by an architectural firm nominated by the franchise. These documents will show the intended new layout of your showroom and include details of the “standard internal guidelines” (or similar). These standard internal guidelines will include modern design specifications such as…

·         Floor and wall tile size, type and colour

·         Wall paint type and colour

·         Fixture and fitting brands and types, such as sinks, toilets, furniture and lighting

·         Technical specifications for ceilings, doors and glazing

·         Design & specifications for glass or solid partitioning between office spaces

These details have been chosen to maintain the look and appeal of that particular franchise throughout the country.

Got the guidelines, what next?

This can all seem quite overwhelming at first, but with the help of an experienced, specialist car showroom refurbishment and fit out company, much of the stress can be passed on to that team.

With Kiwi Design, once you have contacted one of our friendly team, we would arrange for one of our experienced project managers to meet you at your showroom and walk through the provided plans with you, discussing the requested changes.

Having completed over 100 car showroom updates and refurbishments, our project managers know exactly what is required to implement a new corporate identity. After a thorough walk-round the project, an accurate costing for the works can be calculated, meeting the requirements from the franchise while maximising the value for money that you receive.

The specifications can then be tweaked as needed to best meet the needs of yourself, your team, your clients and your franchiser. Additional site visits can also be made if needed, to assess any discrepancies on the drawings where required. This practice greatly reduces the chances of unexpected additional costs at the end of the project.

How much would a car showroom refurbishment/upgrade cost?

However much a corporate identity tries to unify the look and feel or a car showroom across the brand, every showroom is different and therefore refurbishment costs vary. A minor addition of a sub-brand in a current showroom could be 10’s of thousands of pounds, whereas large complete showroom refurbishments have costed between £100,000 and £400,000, depending on size. Every project is different, but information and costs for some recently completed projects can be seen in our Car Showroom Portfolio.

How long will it take?

As with the cost, the duration of the project varies. However Kiwi Design understand that these kinds of projects need to be completed as swiftly as possible to reduce disruption for car showroom teams and clients. Our car showroom refurbishments tend to last between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on project size and requirements.

How much will this disrupt the day-to-day running of the business?

Unfortunately, as with all building works, there is always some disruption, including noise, reduced usable space and reduced access.

We understand that it is important to keep disruption to a minimum. Extensive site assessments and careful planning can help to make this a priority. Other features that are worth considering to help minimise disruption are cabins to temporarily house sales, admin and service/support staff, and lockable compounds for any necessary machinery.

As a car showroom manager/principal dealer, how much time and effort will I need to put in?

With a company like Kiwi Design, the project is managed all the way from plans through to completion. All services and subcontractors are organised and managed by us, supervised by a highly experienced and dedicated site foreman/manager. Therefore, once the plans have been finalised, the time and effort on your part should be minimal through excellent communication and updates on progress as often as you wish.

Through thorough planning and expert understanding from a specialist team, updating corporate image to match manufacturer demands can be a smooth, straightforward and successful process with excellent value for money.

Contact our friendly and experienced team today to discuss your upcoming corporate identity requirements.

…After so many years of working with Kiwi Design we believe they understand our needs, perhaps better than we do, which is important to us to help maintain our own high standards of quality in our operations...
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…we are always impressed by their dedication to meet deadlines and providing open and honest cost advice…
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