As part of a long and successful partnership with Ford Retail, Kiwi Design secured a  £6 million contract to build a sustainable, state of the art car dealership for the Ford Retail division of Ford Motor Company. The dealership, which trades under the “Dagenham Motors” banner, wished to redevelop its workshops at Ripple Road in Barking to provide its customers with new high quality facilities.

The new 3500 square metre development includes a light, spacious new 15-car showroom, and a separate used car pavilion and display area for a further 200 cars. The newly refurbished after-sales facility includes a 14 bay workshop, a new body shop, parts department and an extensive customer car park.

Kiwi Design worked with the Ford Motor Company to reduce the environmental impact of the site. As a result Kiwi Design employed the latest environmentally friendly materials in the build and the site will incorporate a number of sustainable and special energy saving features.

Water use is reduced by capturing rainwater run-off from the roof and storing it in a 16,000 litre (3,500 gallon) capacity underground tank. This then supplies water for washing cars and flushing toilets. The rainwater harvesting tank includes a UV sterilisation unit and inline contaminate and particulate filters that enable the water to be suitable and hygienic for hand washing.
In addition, with an integrated used oil burner on the site, waste oil from cars that have been serviced is re-used for heating the premises.

In order to reduce reliance on natural resources further, a wind turbine was installed to generate up to 10% of the site’s electricity.

During the construction, 1800 m2 of non hazardous soil was excavated from the site.  Rather than this being transported to already overstretched landfill sites, the soil will be reused for landscaping the site.

“Once again please pass on my gratitude to Mike and the Kiwi team who so successfully built Dagenham Motors here at Ripple Road., a landmark just off the A13.  They managed the impossible.”

Paul Canning, Regional Director

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